Guide to Knowing More about Government Procurement

16 Jan

This is the process of buying goods and offering services such as building and construction of social amenities for use by the public as representative of a public agency or the government .

The government requires many goods and services in order to run smoothly and deliver on its manifesto.  Governments, are too vast and to buy goods and services to provide for the public in a whole country cumbersome and not practical, it, therefore, requires qualified people or companies to buy goods and services on behalf of the government and provide or supply the public.

Any the transparent government has to set some standards and procurement rule in the process of getting the right legal representatives to buy goods and services. This procurement procedure is done through tenders, bids and contracts. Once government bids are advertised in public newspapers the all qualified people and companies apply according to their area of specialization and pay a non-refundable fee which is supposed to limit the applications and enable serious companies and people with the ability to deliver get the job.

The government's bids, tenders, and contracts are publicly advertised in local dailies and other government platforms such government websites  to enhance

transparency and accountability since these bids and tenders are likely to pay handsomely some government employees might want to benefit and take part or have friends  and relatives take part the government, therefore, discourages such by advertising publicly.  Read more here about fed biz ops now!

How a person or company gets to participate in government bids and tenders are by connecting to state agencies where the bids, tenders, and contracts are advertised such as the Request for Proposal ( RFP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) in united states of America. Upon getting the website where the requests are you will have the government tenders mailed to you. When involved in the Request for proposal (RFP) or Request   for Tenders (RFT) when the value of goods and services is above $25000 and a number of factors other than the prize are put into consideration when awarding the tender. To know more what is an rfq be sure to click here!

When one visits the platforms of request for proposal and request for quotations they will send you emails on available opportunities on bids, tenders and contracts everyday giving you an opportunity to apply for them. Once you get the emails to choose the best bid, contract or tender according to your interest and ability to supply and apply after which you get an invitation to bid which require you to provide a proposal or project. When all the proposals and projects have been submitted the tender opening committee opens all of them and groups them according to the many categories that had been advertised and after going through all of them and considering some factors they award the lowest bidder.. Be sure to click this website to gain more details about government contract

The bids are simplified and tenders or contracts awarded quickly.

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